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Nantes Metropole - France

For the town of Saint-Herblain, a municipality of Nantes Metropole (France), and the Municipal Office of International Relations and Town-twinning (OMRIJ), decentralised cooperation and civic awareness go hand in hand.

For more than 20 years, the town of Saint-Herblain has developed an intense international solidarity action in partnership with the OMRIJ, which integrates the local associative network active in international cooperation. Such collaboration between government and local civil society has as its main lines of action international cooperation and citizenship and international solidarity education.

For example, citizens awareness-raising initiatives in the area are linked to Saint-Herblain‘s cooperation relations with its “friendly” cities (among others N‘Diaganiao in Senegal, Viladecans in Spain and Kazanlak in Bulgaria), and activities linked to awareness-raising and citizenship education through art and cultural exchange with young and school audiences.

For more information, visit the OMRIJ website.